According to the astrological studies, if our birth has taken place on the new moon day, then it is considered as inauspicious. To overcome this demerit Aamavasya shanti is performed. On this day the moon and the sun they come together (i.e. they come closer) the pitar is the deity of the Amavasya shanti. At the onset after remembering Lord Ganesha a resolution of Amavasya shanty is done by taking water in cupped hands. After performing Ganeshpoojan, punyahavachana, Matrukapoojan, Nandishraaddha Etc. Gotra ucchar is carried out. In the presence of Brahmins after performing Digrakshanam, Panchagavya, and Bhoomipoojan Agni is established (establishing the Agni at the time of Havana is also accepted) centrally on a table by putting a cloth, an ashtadal of rice grains is established. Arranger 3 pitchers on it. Later after installing the 3 idols of prime divinities like The Pitar, the Sun, and the Moon of the Amavasya shanti the coronation ceremony is carried out and then all the rituals are also carried out. After establishing Navagraha Mandal, Rudara Kalash, the ceremony of conditioning and establishing the Agni (fire) is carried out. In the beginning carry out the Havana of lord Ganesha. Now perform the Havana of 44 deities of Navagraha and then the Havana of The Moon, the Sun, and The Pitar is performed for 108 times. After performing the uttarang poojan Balidaan (Sacrifice), Purnaahuti is performed.

Offer special alms to Brahmins. After accepting their blessings Amavasya Shanti is completed.

After carrying out the prayers of Agnidevta and Ishtadevta ashes from the homa are retained. For longevity Ghee (clarified butter) is taken in to bronze vessel and Mukhavalokana is done. 10 various alms along with the flour are offered to the Brahmins.

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