A Warm Welcome From Soham Dharmik Vidhi Kendra.

After remembering lord Gajanan, after bowing and adoring Devi Sarswati, pay your obeisance to shree Sadguru. Today after a ritual of period of 12 years and after a stern penance, our dream of having our website: www.sohamdharmikvidhis.com is materializing. Simply your faith in us, your reliance on our rituals, your affection and endless love for us and last but not the least, The scholarly Brahmins who have been working for us since very long time; all this together has made it possible for Soham Dharmik Vidhi Kendra to forge ahead in the last 12 yrs. Whether the host is having Ganeshpoojan or Shatachandi Yaag we carry out the rituals with creed and conviction in meticulous and scientific way. The Brahmins who have come on the behalf of Soham Dharmik Vidhi Kendra and have followed all the rules and regulations very precisely, likewise all our hosts who have shown conviction towards the rituals and various ceremonies while carrying out the Shanti made it feasible for accomplishing all the intrinsic of the yaag. Right from the start up till the end we explain the host every minute detail of the various rituals involved right from Satyanarayan to even Yaag. This is the reason why our hosts have the knowledge of all rituals carried out by Soham Dharmik Vidhi Kendra.

Our website www.sohamdharmikvidhis.com is the answer to all your queries like what will be the format of the Yaag which is going to take place at your residence? Which mandal is to be established in that? Which are the prime deities? What material is required? And finally but one of the important is which are the occasions for carrying out this shanti. In our website we have made a sincere effort to provide all the information of pooja, consecration ceremony, several literatures and material required, conditioning ceremony, janan shanti, navgraha shanti, vaastu shanti, yaag anushthan, Jap anushthan and their available auspicious days. The ritual carried out by us in detailed and planned manner until today has been the reason why our host experience desired result of vaastu shanti, navachandi yaag and especially shatachandi yaag.Please contact us if you really have the desire to be free of all the adversities and problems and if you really feel that all your resolutions should be fulfilled and if you want peace of mind. We are always willing to render you our services.

Shri. Ajay Suryakant Bhave Shastri.