For getting rid of all the ailments that are coming our way in this modern era, for obtaining sure shot success, for avoiding all the hindrances, for obtaining knowledge, for fulfilling all the aspirations and for getting blessed by lord Ganesha; Ganesh Yag is one of the proved , effective ritual.

At the commencement of “Ganesh Yag” by arranging the Navapitha the very first resolution is done. At the onset after worshipping lord Ganesha, Punyahavachan, Matrukapoojan…... Bhoomipoojan is done and then set up Bramhadivaastu Mandal. Establish Sarvatobhadra Mandal consisting of 57 deities. After establishing Kshetrapaal Mandal with 51 deities a Sarvatobhadra Mandal having Prdhan Mandal having Ganeshbhadra mandal is established. The information of Sarvatobhadra Mandal with its 97 deities is as follows...

Ganeshbhadra Mandal

    १. ब्रह्मणस्पतये नमः

    २. सुमुखाय नमः

    ३. एकदंताय नमः

    ४. कपिलाय नमः

    ५. गजकर्णाय नमः

    ६. लंबोदराय नमः

    ७. विकटाय नमः

    ८. विघ्ननाशनाय नमः

    ९. गणाधिपाय नमः

    १०. धुम्रकेतवे नमः

    ११. गणाध्यक्षाय नमः

    १२. भालचंद्राय नमः

    १३. गजाननाय नमः

    १४. वक्रतुंडाय नमः

    १५. गणपाय नमः

    १६. विघ्नराजाय नमः

    १७. विनायकाय नमः

    १८. गणपतये नमः

    १९. गणनाथाय नमः

    २०. हेरंबाय नमः

    २१. धरणीधराय नमः

    २२. ईंद्राय नमः

    २३. अग्नये नमः

    २४. यमाय नमः

    २५. निरुतये नमः

    २६. वरुणाय नमः

    २७. वायवे नमः

    २८. सोमय नमः

    २९. ईशानाय नमः

    ३०. विष्णवे नमः

    ३१. रुद्राय नमः

    ३२. अश्विभ्यां नमः

    ३३. कंदर्पाय नमः

    ३४. अष्टवसुभ्यो नमः

    ३५. रुद्राय नमः

    ३६. सुर्यासावित्र्यै नमः

    ३७. अश्विभ्यां नमः

    ३८. विश्वेभ्यो देवेभ्यो नमः

    ३९. पित्रुभ्यो नमः

    ४०. सर्पेभ्यो नमः

    ४१. स्कंदाय नमः

    ४२. रुषभाय नमः

    ४३. नारायणाय नमः

    ४४. दक्षाय नमः

    ४५. दुर्गायै नमः

    ४६. स्वधायै नमः

    ४७. रुद्राय नमः

    ४८. रोगेभ्यो नमः

    ४९. समुद्राय नमः

    ५०. सरिद्भ्यो नमः

    ५१. मरुद्भ्यो नमः

    ५२. गणेशाय नमः

    ५३. भूम्यै नमः

    ५४. रुद्राय नमः

    ५५. अजैकपदे नमः

    ५६. अहिर्बुध्न्याय नमः

    ५७. विरुपाक्षाय नमः

    ५८. रैवताय नमः

    ५९. हराय नमः

    ६०. विरुपाय नमः

    ६१. त्र्यंबकाय नमः

    ६२. सुरेश्वराय नमः

    ६३. म्रुत्यवे नमः

    ६४. अंतकाय नमः

    ६५. सर्वभूतक्षयाय नमः

    ६६. वज्राय नमः

    ६७. शक्तये नमः

    ६८. दंदाय नमः

    ६९. खड्गाय नमः

    ७०. पाशाय नमः

    ७१. अंकुशाय नमः

    ७२. गदायै नमः

    ७३. त्रिशूलाय नमः

    ७४. कश्यपाय नमः

    ७५. अत्रये नम्ह

    ७६. भरद्वाजाय नमः

    ७७. विश्वामित्राय नमः

    ७८. गौतमाय नमः

    ७९. जमदग्नये नमः

    ८०. वसिष्ठाय नमः

    ८१. अरुंधत्यै नमः

    ८२. सुर्याय नमः

    ८३. सोमाय नम्ह

    ८४. अंगारकाय नमः

    ८५. बुधाय नमः

    ८६. ब्रुहस्पतये नमः

    ८७. शुक्राय नमः

    ८८. शनैश्चराय नमः

    ८९. राहुकेतुभ्यां नमः

    ९०. ऎंद्र्यै नमः

    ९१. कौमार्यै नमः

    ९२. ब्राह्म्यै नमः

    ९३. वाराह्यै नमः

    ९४. चामुंडायै नमः

    ९५. वैष्णव्यै नमः

    ९६. माहेश्वर्यै नमः

    ९७. वैनायक्यै नमः

After establishing this Ganeshbhadra Mandal of 97 deities a Pradhan Kalash (pitcher) is set up. After establishing this Pradhan Kalash; Praanpratishtha (installation) prayers and ablutions of idols of Mahakaali etc……… along with a silver idol of lord Ganesha is carried out. Lord Ganesha is anointed with either water or milk of 1000 recurrences of Atharvasheersha. Then do the Shodshopchaar Poojan and Durva (holy grass) is offered.

Later to Agnisthapana, establish the Navagraha Mandal of 44 deities. Lastly Rudrapoojan is performed. After carrying out Agni Sanskar worship Brahma peeth and then start the Havana.

Havana - In the beginning Ganesh Havana is done and then Navagraha Mandal Havana (8-4, 2-1) in this order is carried out. Then after the Atharvasheersha Havana comprising of 160 aavartana (recurrences) is done. Afterwards Havana of Peethdevta, Yantradevta along with Sthapit (established) Mandal Devta is done. After performing Guggul homa, Lakshmi Homa, Sarshap homa; Uttaranga poojan of Sthapit (established) deities is carried out. An offering (Swishtkrut) towards Agni (fire) is done. Perform the Baleepoojan of all the ten directions along with Sthapit (established) Mandal Deities. Subsequently after performing Kshetrpaal Poojan eventually Maha Aahuti (great sacrifice) that is to say Purna Aahuti of Yaag is given. An offering of left over Ghee (cleared butter) is done. Bhasmadharan, Sanstravaprashan is performed followed by Bramhapoojan. Shreyodaan is offered to hosts and the coronation is performed with water from Sthapit Kalash (established pitcher).

Offer special alms to all the Brahmins and accept their blessings.

On the auspicious occasion of “Ganesh Yaag” give special offerings like Peeth Daan (flour offering), Bhoomi Daan (land offering), Teel Daan (sesame offering), Toop Daan (ghee offering), Gaay Daan (cow offering), Sona Daan (gold offering), along with 7 cereals offering to the priest.

An offering of sweets is made to the lord Ganesha. After carrying out the prayers everybody should ask the lord Ganesha for forgiveness. Lastly after carrying out the prayers the yaag is ended.

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