Ek Lingato Bhadra Mandal Navgraha Mandal Sarvato Bhadra Mandal Matruka Mandal Punyaha Mandal Ganesh Mandal

For detail information of nine planets.

There are total 12 planets. The whole astrological science relies up on these 12 planets. The complete foundation of this astrology is based on these planets. These planets, their nature, their likes and dislikes are studied very carefully.

Many a times, in our life we come face to face with many desirable- undesirable, joyous and gloomy situations and also come across many ups and downs. In our propitious and pleasurable times Intellect, wealth, grandeur and cooperation of our loved ones and relatives comes to our aid. However in our adversities these prove to be least useful and it is only during such situations we start thinking that the planets of our horoscope no longer favor us. And it is this time of hour when we start worshipping these planets.

The information regarding every planet being favorable or unfavorable in a particular zodiac, which planets are considered friendly or unfriendly to a planet, how these planets are worshipped? How the rosary of these planets is carried out? What should be the count of the rosary? What can be given as alms? Etc is provided below..

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