There are some other shanties besides the various shanties mentioned in shanti link. These are noticed very rarely.

  • Grahan janan shanti - if born during an eclipse.
  • Yamal janan shanti - if twins have been born.
  • Trikprasav shanti - if a boy is born after 3 daughters or if a girl is born after 3 sons.
  • Sadant janan shanti - if teeth are present right from birth.
  • Dinkshay shanti - if a lunar day has declined.
  • Kaksparsh shanti - if one has come in contact with a crow.
  • Pallimarath shanti - if lizard has fallen on one’s torso.
  • Vinayak shanti - for eliminating all the calamities.

The methodology of all these shanties is same like the Navgraha and Nakshatra (star) shanti but the prime deities are different.

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