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It is necessary while performing Jyeshtha nakshatra shanti that the day is in favor of Jyeshtha nakshatra (star). If not possible then choose upon the auspicious day when Agni is residing to carry out this shanti. On the day of this nakshatra (star) purify the soul by carrying out ablutions. Do the arrangements in the east direction. By applying vermillion on the forehead of the host shantisukta is recited. Prime resolution is done.

As intrinsic of this shanti perform the Ganeshpoojan, punyahavachan. After worshiping 16 matrukas (deities) Nandishraaddha is carried out. Perform aacharyadivaran, digrakshanam, panchgavyakaran, bhoomipoojan. After performing the ritual of panchbhoosanskar on the havankund (Basin) Agni is established. (Establishment of Agni at the time of Havan is acceptable). On a table, centrally one and 4 to four directions in these way five pitchers are established. Water, five games, seven cereals are put inside the centrally placed Kalash (Pitcher). After reciting Rudra mantra or Rudra sukta pitcher is enchanted. After establishing the pitcher in east direction and putting water, panchgavya, panchamrut inside it, Indra mantra or Indra sukta is recited. After establishing the pitcher in south direction water, sarvoushadhi, tirthodak are placed inside it. Mrutyunjay mantras, sukta are recited. Put water, soil, plants inside the pitcher after arranging it in the west direction. Varun mantra, sukta is recited. After establishing the pitcher in north direction water, flower, scent, rai, panchpallav are put inside it. Vishnu mantra or Vishnusukta is recited.

After putting a small round dish on a centrally placed pitcher, perform the installation ceremony of idol of lord Mahadev (Shiva).Establish a table next to the havankund (basin) and put a cloth on it. By arranging ashtdal a pitcher is set up in the centre. Place a small round dish (Tamhan). Now, inside the Tamhan janm nakshatra devata (birth star deity) is established. On the left hand side arrange the previous deity and on the right hand side the following deity is arranged.

Anuradha star Jyeshtha star Mul star
Mitra devata (Friend deity) Indra devata Nitradatee devata

Worship the 24 deities by establishing them to the eight directions in the ashtdal. Then, after establishing Agni (Fire) set up the Navagraha mandal consisting of 44 divinities. At the end perform the Rudrapoojan. Conditioning of Agni is carried out. Worship the Brahmapeeth. Start the Havan.

Havan - In the beginning Ganesh Havana is done and then Navagraha Mandal Havana (8-4-2-1) in this order is carried out. After that perform the Havana of janm nakshatra devata (birth star deity). Then after the Havana of 26 star divinities is done. After performing Googgul homa, Sarshap homa, Lakshmi Homa Uttaranga poojan of Sthapit (established) deities is carried out. An offering of Swishtkrut towards Agni (fire) is done. Perform the Baleepoojan of all the ten directions along with Sthapit (established) Mandal Deities. Subsequently after performing Kshetrapal Poojan eventually Maha Aahuti (great sacrifice) that is to say Purna Aahuti of Yaag is given. An offering of left over Ghee (cleared butter) is done. Bhasmadharan, Sanstravaprashan is performed followed by Bramhapoojan. Shreyodaan is offered to hosts and the coronation is performed with water from Sthapit Kalash (established pitcher).

Offer special alms to all the Brahmins and accept their blessings.

On the auspicious occasion of this “Nakshatra shanti” give special offerings like Peeth Daan (flour offering), Bhoomi Daan (land offering), Teel Daan (sesame offering), Toop Daan (ghee offering), Gaay Daan (cow offering), Sona Daan (gold offering), along with 7 cereals offering to the priest.

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