In the ancient times itself the social activists had led a trade of customary practices such as 16 sanskaar for the development and betterment of every aspect of human life, also for the development of every facets of the personality and for becoming a excellent individual.These 16 sanskaar, if observed by man, has very influential impact on human life and can lead to a fundamental change in his life.

For your information these 16 sanskaar are explained below.

  • गर्भाधान संस्कार
  • पुंसवन संस्कार
  • सीमंतोनयन संस्कार
  • जात कर्म संस्कार
  • नामकर्म संस्कार
  • निष्क्रमण संस्कार
  • अन्नप्राशन संस्कार
  • चौल संस्कार
  • कर्णवेध संस्कार
  • उपनयन संस्कार
  • वेदारंभ संस्कार
  • समावर्तन संस्कार
  • विवाह संस्कार
  • सर्वसंस्कार
  • संन्यास संस्कार
  • अंत्येष्ठी संस्कार.

If anyone wants to carry out any one of the 16 sanskaar then contact us. Inform the name of the person along with his place, time and date of birth.

Sarva Deva Pratishtha

If at all a temple has been built at any place then in that temple installation ceremony of the divinity is carried out. This ceremony lasts at least for 3 days.At first the ablutions are carried out. Now accept penance. Do the offering of cow and a new Janave (a sacred thread) is put on. After arranging Navapeetha, Shantisukta is recited. Prime resolution is done after inviting the divinities.

Initially After performing Ganeshpoojan, punyahavachana, Matrukapoojan, Aayusyamantrajaap, Nandishraaddha, Mandap- Pravesh Poojan, Digrakshaman, Panchagavya, and Bhoomipoojan is done and then Bramhadi Vaastu Mandal is established. After arranging Yogini Mandal of 64 deities a Kshetrapal Mandal consisting 51 deities is set up. Go on a voyage. Worship the water and ocean deities.Later establish the prime Mandal. (For Lord Ganesha establishes Ganeshbhadra Mandal, for Lord Shiva establish Dvadashalingatobhadra Mandal and for Lakshmi Devibhadra Mandal is established.) In this order the prime mandal is established.