Our life means a time limit or rather to say limited life span to live in this world. Depending upon the good and bad virtues of our passed life, the life span in this birth is predetermined by holly lord right from the time when the child is still in mother’s womb. Our life has been divided into three stages; from birth to 25 years is childhood, 25 to 50 years is youth and 50 years onwards is old age.

The physical wellbeing gradually deteriorates in old age due to various traumas, sickness and illness of different organs of the body. To overcome these ailments our ancestors had mentioned different kinds of shanties which are to be performed 50 year onwards with a repeated interval of 5 years. Depending upon the various stages of life mentioned above, according to your running age performed the respective shanti.If possible, this shanti should be performed on the auspicious day of our birthday. If not possible then it should be carried by seeing an almanac.

For your information, we are providing precise information of rituals of “Vayovastha shanti”.

At the onset after performing Ganeshpoojan, punyahavachan, matrukapoojan, nandishraaddha gotra ucchar is carried out. In the presence of Brahmins after carrying out digrakshanam, panchgavya, bhoomipoojan Agni (Fire) is established. (Establishing Agni at the time of Havana is accepted). After establishing pradhanmandal (sarvatobhadra mandal) deities’ pitcher is arranged. Worship the idols of prime deities, sub deities and birth star deity of this “Vayovastha shanti.”

After carrying out prayers of Agnidevata, Eshtdevata ashes from homa are retained. For longevity consume milk. The ghee is taken in to bronze vessel and mukhavalokan is done. Ten various alms along with floor are offered to Brahmins. Host should be honored with cloths, garland and gifts by their children. Through the hands of 5 or 7 married women the host should be honored with as many lamps as his age. The tuladaan ritual is carried out.

This is the ritual of vayovastha shanti. The information of particular shanti for respective age and the presence of birth star deity are given below.

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